Long sleeves UPF50+ shirt

Long sleeves UPF50+ shirt

$ 70.00

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Shirts for working and spending time outdoors, made from sophisticated fabrics that ensure UV rays are blocked while still feeling lightweight and airy.
This shirt includes several strategically placed cuts in the back and inside netting to increase the lightweight feel and wick moisture and sweat. Hidden pockets, a smart collar that can be raised to protect the back of the neck, and a superior level of stitching and finish. SunWay Outdoor Shirts block 98% of the sun’s rays, in contrast to regular cotton clothing which let UVA rays through. Recommended for summer travels and outdoor activities.
Please take into consideration our women sizes are according to European chart.

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38 (S), 40 (M), 42 (L), 44 (XL), 46-48 (XXL)

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