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    Eco Freindly Swim Diaper

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    Eco Freindly Swim Diaper

    A reusable, environmentally and user friendly diaper. The diaper has three layers: an external layer made from bathing suit material, a middle nylon layer to prevent leaks and an inner layer made from a soft and comfortable material. Rinse with freshwater after use and wrap in a towel. Can be machine washed. The Eco freindly swim diapers are  available in Pink, Blue or Red . Please use the info regarding age and weight in order to choose the correct size:
    S- 6-12 months 6-8 K'g
    M 12-18 months 8-11 k"g
    L 18-24 months 11-17 K'g
    XL 24 months -3 years 16-20 k"g
    $ 25.00