Size and Fit

When choosing swimwear, it is recommended that you select a size that fits snugly.

One Piece swimsuit

The suit is fitted, doesn’t move, ride, twist or balloon out in the water. It dries quickly and is comfortable to the touch.

Recommended snugly fit6810121416
Age3-4 years4-5 years5-6 years6-7 years8-10 years11-13 years
Height cm/inc90-104 cm / 35-41 Inch98-114 cm / 39-45 Inch105-120 cm / 42-47 Inch115-128 cm /45-50 Inch128-143 cm /50-56 Inch138-150 cm / 54-59 Inch
Weight kg / lb14-17 kg / 31-38 lb15-21 kg / 33-46 lb20-25 kg / 45-55 lb22-29 kg / 48-64 lb27-32 kg / 60-70 lb33-45 kg / 73-99 lb

Rash guards and pants

Recommended snugly fir681012141618
Age4-5 years5-6 years7-8 years8-9 years9-10 years11-12 years13-14 years
Height cm/inc99-112 cm / 39-44 Inch108-120 cm / 42-47 Inch115-125 cm / 45-50 Inch128-138 cm /50-54 Inch135-143 cm /50-56 Inch142-149 cm / 50-56 Inch142-149 cm / 50-56 Inch
Weight kg / lb16-20 kg / 34,5-44 lb20-24 kg / 45-53 lb23-28 kg / 50-62 lb27-34 kg / 60-75 lb30-37 kg / 66-81 lb36-42 kg / 79-92 lb33-52 kg / 93-114 lb

For Thermal Lycra fleece shirts choose a tight fir when dry since the shirts stretch when wet.

Swim Pants (Measure when pant is laid on a flat surface, Rubber before stretch)

1/2 rubber size relax21.
Short pants side length27.030.4833.035.538.
Long Pants inside length3135404449545963

Legionary Hat

Kids size2-7 years
Junior sizeyears and up to Adults

If needs use the tighten element at the back of the hat to fit comfortably to the head.

Safari and Wide brim hats

Circumference cmAge
533-8 years
58years and up

UV Outdoor Shirts for kids

Pick from your wardrobe a shirt that fits you well, measure it and compare with the size table. Then select the size you prefer.

Length: Measure from the shoulder’s highest point down to the bottom of shirt.
Width: Measure from armpit to armpit when shirt is laid on a flat surface

Kids size12141618
Width39 cm / 15 Inch43 cm / 16.91 Inch47 cm / 18.5 Inch51 cm / 20 Inch
Height54 cm / 21.2 Inch58 cm / 22.8 Inch63 cm / 24.8 Inch69 cm / 27.1 Inch