SunWay’s Adult Legionnaire Sun Hat
  • SunWay Adults Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF50+
  • SunWay's Adult Legionnaire Sun Hat
    SunWay's Adult Legionnaire Sun Hat

SunWay’s Adult Legionnaire Sun Hat

$ 29.00

SunWay Adults legionnaire Sun hat provides best UV Protection for Men and for Women. The legionnarie cup is made from lightweight UPF50+ fabric . The legionnarie hat includes a wide brim and extra UPF50+ fabric for maximum sun protection of the neck, ears, and face. The extra fabric can be lifted on top and to protect only the back of the neck. The sun protective fabric is lightweight, airy, wicks moisture and sweat. There is a drawstring in the back for size adjustments. SunWay Legionnaire Sun Hat UV Protection for Men and Women available in 4 colors : White, Navy, Beigh, Orange.

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SunWay‘s Adult  Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF50+ provides the best UV protection for men and women. The Legionnaire cap is made from an exceptionally lightweight moisture-wicking UPF50+ fabric that represents the ultimate in comfortable sun-protective clothing. The hallmark of the SunWay Adult Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF50+ is the distinctive wide brim and unmistakable layer of extra UPF50+ fabric that provides the utmost protection for the entire face, ears, and both the front and back of the neck. If you prefer protection only for the back of the neck, the extra fabric can easily be folded to accommodate any style or need. Additional size adjustments can be made using the drawstring in the back.

The revolutionary SunWay’s  Adult  Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF50+ is available in 5 colors for men and women: White, Pink, Navy, Beige ,Orang& Yellow.

SunWay offers the most stylishly innovative line of UV protective clothing, hats, accessories and swimwear, all made from materials that adhere to the most stringent Australian standards.

We’re not joking!

SunWay fabrics have received the highest possible UV protection rating: UPF50+, which blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

No matter what you’re looking for, SunWay offers a range of collections and spectacular designs so you will definitely find anything and everything you need from the wide variety at the store:

  • Fashionable swimwear for adults and children available in sizes for every age
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  • Surfing gear, riding hats and shirts, and much much more …

Go ahead, have fun outdoors!

Just don’t forget your SunWay and protect your precious skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


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Gray, Khaki, Laguna, Navy, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow