SunWay’s Pink Wide Brim Hat
  • Pink wide brim hat
    Pink wide brim hat

SunWay’s Pink Wide Brim Hat

$ 38.00

The outside layer is pink, inside layer light khaki. A wide brim hat made from extra lightweight, moisture wicking material that blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. There is ventilation netting on the sides of the hat for maximal breathability. The back of the hat has extra fabric to protect the back of your neck. The wide brim hat can be adjusted using the strap at the back. Available in sizes for adults and children.

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SunWay’s Pink Wide Brim Hat, suitable for men and women alike, is made from extra-lightweight, moisture-wicking material that blocks 98%of the sun’s harmful rays!

With an extended back and expansive brim, no hat protects the whole back of the neck, cheeks, ears or nose like SunWay’s Pink Wide Brim Hat. What’s more, the ventilation netting on either side of the hat delivers the maximal breathability you need for hot summer days. The hat even has a drawstring with a clip that can be fastened to your shirt so you’ll never lose it, even whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon.

You might be a professional kayaker, rock climber, or surfer.

You might be a camp counselor or just the average Joe outdoors enthusiast on the weekends.

You might be a guy or a girl.

At the end of the day what really matters is protecting your precious head and one-of-a-kind face!

If you care about protecting yourself from the sun, then do it lightweight and comfortable.

If you care about protecting yourself from the sun, then do it in style with SunWay.


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